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在全部 产品包装设计 发展趋势 系统进程 中,纸质 包装制品 做为 一种 广泛 的包装制品 ,被普遍 应用 到制造 、社会实践 中。 纸材成本费 便宜 、合适 大批 专业化 制造 ,并且 成形 性和伸缩 性强 ,适合 精致 包装印刷 ,并具备 回收利用 再运用 、经济发展 环境保护 等优势 。

In the development trend system of packaging design for all products, paper packaging products, as a widely used packaging product, are widely used in manufacturing and social practice. The paper material is cheap in cost, suitable for large-scale specialized manufacturing, and has strong formability and scalability. It is suitable for exquisite packaging and printing, and has advantages such as recycling and reuse, economic development and environmental protection.


1. Kraft paper

具备 很高的抗拉力 ,回弹性 抗压强度 、裂开 功和动态性 抗压强度 很高。 色泽 坚毅 且质优价廉 ,具备 优良 的抗撕裂 性、抗水溶性 。 多见 卷筒卫生纸 ,也是 平板电脑 纸。 能够 分成 单光 、双光、花纹 、无纹等,色调 为乳白色 和棕褐色 ,适用于 包装袋 、信封袋 、包装袋 纸袋子 、塑料编织袋 ,也用以 食品类 的包裝 拿纸 等。

It has high tensile resistance, rebound compressive strength, cracking work, and dynamic compressive strength. The color is firm and of good quality at an affordable price, with excellent tear resistance and water solubility. It is common to see toilet paper rolls, which are also tablet paper. It can be divided into single light, double light, patterned, matte, and other colors, with milky white and brown hues. It is suitable for packaging bags, envelope bags, packaging paper bags, plastic woven bags, and also used for food packaging paper.


2. Copperplate paper

铜板纸 别称 包装印刷 涂布纸 。 关键 选用木、亚麻纤维 等高級 原材料 特制 而成。 表层 施胶 上蜡 解决 ,以提升 光滑 度与光泽度 ,分单双面 和两面 二种 ,纸张 又光度计 面和木纹 二种 。 纸表层 光洁 、雪白 度提高 、吸墨 着墨 特性 非常好 ,能反射面 光谱仪 中全部 的颜色 并取得好 实际效果 ,且弹性 小。

Copper coated paper, also known as packaging printing coated paper. The key selection is made from high-grade raw materials such as wood and linen fibers. The surface is glued and waxed to improve smoothness and glossiness. It can be divided into two types: single sided and double sided, and paper can be divided into two types: photometer surface and wood grain. The surface of the paper is smooth, with improved snow whiteness and excellent ink absorption and inking characteristics. It can reflect all colors in the spectrometer and achieve good practical results, and has low elasticity.

值得一提的是 ,还分成 单铜(一面 施胶 上蜡 )、双铜、哑光 铜等类型 (没光 铜板纸 为 哑粉纸 、比铜板纸 贵)。 常见 重量 为80 g、105 g、115 g、128 g、157 g、180 g、200 g、250 g等。 适用 彩印 ,适用于 胶版印刷 、凹版印刷 细网络线 印刷物 ,如高級 宣传册 、年历 、期刊杂志 中的插画图片 等。 印后色彩艳丽 ,层级 转变 丰富多彩 。

It is worth mentioning that it is also divided into types such as single copper (coated with glue and wax on one side), double copper, and matte copper (matte copper sheet paper is matte powder paper, which is more expensive than copper sheet paper). Common weights include 80 g, 105 g, 115 g, 128 g, 157 g, 180 g, 200 g, 250 g, etc. Suitable for color printing, offset printing, gravure printing of fine network printed materials, such as high-end brochures, almanacs, illustrations and images in journals and magazines. After printing, the colors are bright and the hierarchical transformation is rich and colorful.


3. Whiteboard paper

白板纸 是一种 反面呈乳白色 且光洁 、反面 多见 灰底的硬纸板 ,这类 硬纸板 适用于 单双面 彩印 后做成 纸箱 供包裝 应用 。

White board paper is a type of cardboard with a milky white and smooth back, and a gray background on the back. This type of cardboard is suitable for making cardboard boxes for packaging applications after single and double sided color printing.

色泽 硬实 结实 ,具备 不错 的坚挺 抗压强度 、表层 抗压强度 、耐折性和包装印刷 适应能力 ,适用 做礼品盒 、耐磨衬板 ,手工制品 等。

The color is hard and sturdy, with good compressive strength, surface compressive strength, folding resistance, and packaging and printing adaptability. It is suitable for making gift boxes, wear-resistant lining boards, handmade products, etc.



4. Corrugated cardboard

瓦楞纸板 具备 轻巧 牢固 、载重量 和耐冲击 强、抗震 、防水 等优势 ,且成本费 较低。 单双面 瓦楞纸箱 一般 作为 货品 包裝 的贴衬保护层厚度 或制做 轻巧 的卡格、垫块 以维护 货品 在存储 的运送 全过程 中的振动 或撞击 ;三层 或五层 瓦楞纸箱 用以 制做 货品 的市场销售 包裝 ;七层 或十一层 瓦楞纸箱 关键 为电气产品 、家俱 、摩托 、大中型 家用电器 等制做 包装木箱 。 瓦楞纸板 按楞型可分成 A坑、B坑、C坑、D坑、E坑、F坑、G坑七类 ,在其中 A、B、C坑一般 用以 外包装盒 ,D、E坑一般 用以 大中小型 包裝 。

Corrugated cardboard has advantages such as lightness, firmness, load-bearing capacity, strong impact resistance, earthquake resistance, waterproofing, and low cost. Single and double sided corrugated cardboard boxes are generally used as lining protection layer thickness for goods packaging, or lightweight grids and pads are made to maintain the vibration or impact of goods during storage and transportation; Three or five layer corrugated cardboard boxes are used for market sales packaging of goods; The key to producing packaging wooden boxes for seven or eleven layer corrugated cardboard boxes is electrical products, furniture, motorcycles, large and medium-sized household appliances, etc. Corrugated cardboard can be divided into seven categories according to its shape: A pit, B pit, C pit, D pit, E pit, F pit, and G pit. Among them, A pit, B pit, and C pit are generally packaged in outer packaging boxes, while D pit and E pit are generally used for large, medium, and small packaging.

5. 金银卡纸

5. Gold and silver cardboard

以便 突显 包装印刷 商品 的级别 ,愈来愈多 的顾客 挑选 用金银卡 来包装印刷 ,依据 很多年 的包装印刷 工作经验 ,将金银卡 在包装印刷 中特别注意 的一些 难题 梳理 以下 :

In order to highlight the level of packaging and printing products, more and more customers are choosing gold and silver cards for packaging and printing. Based on many years of packaging and printing work experience, some of the difficulties that gold and silver cards should pay special attention to in packaging and printing are summarized as follows:

金银卡 是一种 铜版纸 ,不像一般 的纸版 ,他们 是分成 二种 :亮普卡 和哑普卡 、亮黑金卡 和哑黑金卡 。

Gold and silver cards are a type of coated paper, unlike ordinary paper plates. They are divided into two types: bright and dumb cards, bright black gold cards, and dumb black gold cards.


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